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2013 New school uniform



The School Council voted for a new School logo and uniform starting in September 2013.

We worked on the School Logo first. For inspiration, we looked at the name of our School, Abercerdin.

The “Aber” part means “Mouth of” or “Estuary” in Welsh and “Cerdin” translates to Rowan or Mountain Ash Tree. The Mountain Ash tree was a holy tree in medieval times. People use to believe that it rid a place of all evil. A Mountain Ash tree was planted in every cemetery because of this. It was also believed that tying a branch of the tree to a pitcher of Milk would stop it going sour.

We used an image of a gold tree to symbolise the magic of the tree. Another reason, we decided on the colour gold is because it symbolises success, achievement, triumph, quality and prestige.

On our logo, the gold tree has 7 bunches of red berries. The 7 bunches represent the 7 classes in our School. The colour red is a reference to Gilfach Goch which translates as “Red Creek.”  The colour red means action, energy, speed, courage, driven and determined.We chose the colour platinum for the writing on our logo to symbolise the “Aber” or “Estuary” part of our name.

Our School identity is confused due to location. Are we Rhondda Cynon Taf or Bridgend? We decided that we are a Bridgend School. So under the logo, we chose to include “Evanstown, Bridgend” to show this.

The new School logo is a result of our work.

We were given a Remit by Mrs Gentle to research whether we could change the Uniform yet keep the price to £10 and under. So we decided to look at some of the Supermarkets which sell clothes. We looked online and couldn’t find any prices for Sainsbury’s. We could get a full uniform for around £10 from Tesco and Asda depending on size and colour. Long sleeved shirts, we discovered, were more expensive than the short sleeved shirts.

The short sleeved shirt cost roughly £1.50 per shirt. The long sleeved shirt cost roughly £2.00 per shirt. It costs £3 on average for each item of Uniform apart from the shirt. Using our research, we managed to narrow down the choices to 2.

We decided to survey the School to see which Uniform was preferred. The Blue or Black option. Black won. Black shows that we are in control and independent.

Nursery have a slightly different Uniform from the rest of the School. Nursery will wear V-neck jumpers, blue short sleeved shirts and black jogging bottoms. We decided as a School that the Nursery wouldn’t wear ties.

The rest of the School from Reception to Year 6 will wear black V-neck jumpers, blue short sleeved shirts, red ties and black trousers.

Above you will find a Powerpoint presentation about our new school uniform which was written by members of the School Council.