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ESTYN Report


Abercerdin Primary School have undergone two successful ESTYN inspections since the new leadership team took over the school in 2012.

Both Estyn reports were  'Good'  written with descriptors of 'Excellent' across all Inspection Areas.


  • We have also been recognised and ranked by the Welsh Government and the Central South Consortium as being a Green 1A school consistently from 2014 (wehn the rankings started) until 2020 (when the rankings stopped for all schools).


  • We were awarded the best school in Bridgend County for Read Write Inc. gaining Model School Status from 2013 until 2020 (until the gradings stopped for all schools). We therefore worked with other school training their staff in order to achieve our high standards within literacy.


  • We have achieved the highest Platinum Eco Schools award consistently since 2014 to the present day. We are very proud of the work that our Change Maker Council carries out across the school in order to ensure that we remain Eco-Friendly.