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Seesaw App

 Seesaw is an App and an online programme that allows the sharing of photos and videos to gain an insight into your child’s day to day learning, keep up to date with events/messages and allow you to communicate with your child’s class teacher. Seesaw is a completely secure App and you will only have access to your child’s journal. At times we may upload group photos or videos. If you do not wish for your child to be included in group photos or videos, please let your child’s teacher know ASAP via the messaging service. 

One of Seesaw’s many benefits is the messaging service that it offers. You can use this to ask questions and you can also use this service to send photos and videos of your child’s learning at home. 

Top tips for using Seesaw: 

  • You will need to download the Seesaw App on your smartphone/device. 
  • You will receive notifications when new items are added to your child’s journal. 
  • Please check in regularly to see new learning and updated messages. 
  • Your child may begin to upload their own work on Seesaw as part of their online portfolio. 
  • Where there a multiple children in a photo/video/post, please bear in mind that others can see your comments, including your child, other parents and the class teacher. 
  • You can have more than one user logged onto your child’s journal so both parents/carers can access the learning if desired. 

When sending a message to your child’s teacher, be aware that you may not receive an instant response. We will always get back to you between 8.30am-4pm Monday-Friday. If your message is urgent, please contact the school office.  

If you have any difficulties joining the App via the QR code or have any questions about the use of Seesaw, please let a member of staff know so that they can assist you. 

Many thanks, 

Staff at Abercerdin Primary