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2020 Vision

A Centre of Excellence

Together we see our School as a centre of excellence in Primary Education.


Successful Global Citizens

Together we can equip our pupils with the skills and confidence to be healthy and successful global citizens who will lead their community into the future.



The main aims of our school 2016-2020


·             Develop academic skills, including Literacy, Numeracy, Reasoning and ICT, by the most effective methods available to us allowing us to enjoy all aspects of the Primary Curriculum. Providing challenging day to day teaching to meet the individual needs of all pupils.
·            Ensure holistic development of pupils: intellectually, socially, morally, creatively and physically. Instilling in pupils a sense of decency, commitment, self-reliance, responsibility, respect for others and healthy self-esteem. Recognise and develop individual talents. Teach each child, regardless of age, sex or ability
·            Ensure that pupils have a confident understanding of their importance and practical experience in the local and global communities. Develop an understanding of cultural heritage alongside that of people from other countries and faiths.
·            Create a positive learning environment that is relaxed yet challenging, and facilitates this by forming the best possible pro-active relationships between teachers, children, parents and others involved. Develop and support everyone that works in the community of the school.

·            Create pro-active incentives to increase the natural desire for knowledge and skills that are present throughout the learning community.



Our Daily Mission - ‘Together We Can Do It!’


Together we can achieve our vision by following our three key values on a daily basis:


·            Being Respectful!  Develop, support and celebrate the abilities of eachperson by encouraging and supporting the achievement of their dreams.


·            Being Responsible! Enable the habit of learning as opposed to being taught. Self –discipline, motivation, a desire to improve on past performance, a healthy attitude to competition and knowledge of how to manage success and cope with challenges.


·             Being Safe! - Encourage risk taking in the safe environment of our School Community.