Together we can do it!

Spring Term

We will be looking at World war 2: the Blitz, evacuation, rationing and the holocaust.

If any family members have any artifacts they would be willing to lend us for this topic, I would be very grateful. This will enhance the children's learning and allow them hands on experiences of real objects.

We had our first trip of 2016 to Budget Vets in Brackla.

They have been very supportive with looking  after and advising on our school farm animals.

We met Simba, Kate's puppy who melted the hearts of all who had a cuddle!

Imperial War Museum, London

We had a fabulous time, starting off with a very early morning.

All the children were really enthused and made me so proud of the way they behaved all day. Their manners show what a credit they are to to all of their parents.

The learning that we had from the experience was phenomenal. To see things in real life and the scale of the artefacts amazed the children.

"Ghastly Gravy", a food hygiene interactive show visited us. It tied in really well with our germs topic and showed the children the importance of the 4Cs in the kitchen. Ask your child how many Cs they can remember.

Just in case your child needs a hint... cooking, cleaning, chilling, cross contamination.

STEM robotics was an amazing experience: working in groups, problem solving, building and programming their robot. WOW! We had a lot of fun and a valuable learning experience.