Together we can do it!

Autumn Term 2015

We are studying Energy this half term. We are looking at sources of renewable energy ( wind and solar power) and non-renewable energy (fossil fuels). We've had great fun using alternative sources of energy to make digital clocks and bulbs work.

We used fruit and vegetables to make electricty. We made a circuit using wires, potatoes, oranges, digital clock and 2 spikes. One spike was made from copper the other was made from zinc. We had to make sure the spikes did not touch inside the fruit or vegetable. One of the groups used an onion and it made them cry! But at least the clock worked!

Cilfynydd Water Works.

Definitely a wet but wonderful day out.

A big thank you to Shawn and Cam for their knowledge, care and enthusiasm throughout the day.

We hope to come back.

Memories of our Cilfynydd trip... Tristan remembered to tell the reader about what he had to remember to take on the trip.

On the bus...

Rory said " The bus was really posh."

Lois said " We felt a bit sick but we were so excited we forgot all about it!"

Mason: "Shawn came on the bus and told us safety rules: don't go too close to the ponds."

Sienna enjoyed the talk about different habitats.

Amelia said that she went pond dipping and her group caught water boatman, beetles, shrimps, baby newts, baby dragon flies and, best of all, the naughty one which eats everything else! Logan warned his group to put the naughty one in the naughty jar so it wouldn't eat anything.

Kairon used the scientific term for creatures: mini beasts.  

"Back in the classroom, we used microscopes to inspect the creatures and insects", stated Ellis.

Criran told us about the dog biscuits we used to throw in the river Taff to find out which part flowed the fastest.

Joe said, " We had a competition boys against girls to see which pipe of water held the most."

Lillie said " The best bit of the day was pond dipping because it was fun finding creatures."

Lois wants to do it all again. Watch this space... we have entered a competition to get a free trip with the bus paid and will find out nearer Easter time.

Fingers crossed!