Together we can do it!

Summer Term 2015

Our theme for this term is Wild Wood.


We had a fabulous time at the school farm. Mr Jenkins told us all about the different breeds of animals we have and how to care for them.

Castell Coch was a brilliant day out. We met Sir Rhys and he told us all about his day as a knight and what adventures he had. He made some children practise with a sword: it was tiring work. Then we had to defend ourselves when he used his sword! Don't worry - it was a foam one and we all came back in tact! If you want a great day out with your very own guide, your children are very knowledgeable and good at map reading too. I'm sure thay won't leave you in the dungeon...

You may be asked to make smoothies. We have been sampling 4 different ones and have created our own recipes to make our own. A few children asked to try fruit they haven't tried before and loved it. Well done everyone for being creative thinkers and working together wonderfully.