Together we can do it!

Autumn 2014


We have been very busy so far this term. Our first topic was 'Scrumptious'.

We practiced washing and peeling fruits and vegetables. We also helped Mrs Thomas to slice and share out the fruit for a daily snack. We talked about the importance of eating healthy food for growth and development.

We investigated what happens to chocolate when it is heated - it melts. We turned this melted chocolate into yummy chocolate rice crispy cakes!!!

We used play dough to make 3D models of food stuffs such as cakes, pizzas, fruit and vegetables.

Our teachers helped us make our own ‘Garden Soup’ by chopping and plucking the leaves and stems of different herbs into bowls. We used our different senses  to describe what we could smell.

This term we also learned about the festival of 'Diwali' and made some Diwali crafts.


After half term we investigated autumn leaves both real and silk that have been brought to the classroom. We discussed their colours and seasonal changes. We made a variety of different autumn coloured playdough by adding paints-red/yellow/brown/orange and then adding spices for that extra sensory experience-clove/cinnamon/ginger/nutmeg. We mixed small qualities of the coloured playdough together so that colours mixed and then used leaf cutters to make 3d autumn leaves.

What a fantastic time we had last week on our trip to Rumble in the Jungle enjoying 'Breakfast with Santa'.

Our second topic this term is 'Glow and Glitter'. Watch this space for more information about all our experiences of this topic.