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Ash Class

Welcome to Nursery and Reception

Our topics for the rest of this year will be "Paws, Claws and whiskers" followed by "The Beach."

Paws, Claws and whiskers  has a Creative Development and will  enable children to develop their artistic skills and ideas using a range of expressive and creative processes by exploring the world of domestic and big cats.

The children will be learning about 

  • Cat habitats -both in the home and in the wild
  • How cats behave
  • The body parts of cats
  • Animal care, including organisations and charities that provide animal welfare
  • Charitable work of different organisations that care for animals
  • They will make cat masks, 3d models or cats, and use a range of different printing materials to createfur patterns of both big and domestic cats.
  • Use techniques such as free printing, mono-printing or block
    printing to create a range of different pattern types.

We are hoping to visit Bristol Zoo at the beginning of this topic to engage the children's interests.  We hope to have a fantastic day!!!