Together we can do it!

Abercerdin Community Farm

Inspired by Edwalton Primary School in Nottingham.

We were really honoured to be allowed to visit the wonderful Edwalton Primary School in Nottinghamshire. We were given a really warm welcome by Head teacher, Mr Brian Owens and the wonderful Edwalton pupils and staff.


We had a fun-filled day exploring the school grounds. Edwalton pupils proudly showed us around their wonderful school. They explained how they looked after each animal. Mr Jenkin's favourite were the wonderful curly pink pigs!


I loved their'Rabbit Island',a grassed areas where they housed around eight rabbits in individual hutches.


The pupils also had responsibilities for their own small gardens within the school yard. As we walked amongst them we watched children weeding and cleaning their small gardens.


We were truly inspired and could not wait to tell Abercerdin pupils about this fantastic school!